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Feeling better about your body, life + self is an inside job.

Coaches, teachers and counselors can certainly help, but YOU must be willing to show up and do the not-always-pleasant work on self.

Yoga is the perfect channel to allow inner transformation to happen.

Even if you’re not fully ready to face your body image issues head on or diver deeper into why you’re just not happy, the subtleties of yoga works its magic through the physical movement without any extra effort on your part.

Yoga is an incredible way to move and transform your body. It’s a way to reap the benefits of meditation through movement. Most of all, yoga is a path to awareness, your inner knowing, and learning to listen to your body, mind, and soul.

Without awareness, the best diet, the best workout routine, the best coach won’t do you any good. Our mission at Yoga Life Spark is to help you find your own awareness about your body, your mind, and your Self so that you can live an inspired and healthy life.

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